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SEAALL’s Social Justice Resource Page

A Project of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

This guide was compiled for members of SEAALL as an introduction to resources on the topics of (1) racial disparity, (2) racial diversity, (3) implicit bias and microaggression, (4) cultural sensitivity, and (5) protests.  It was designed as an annotated bibliography focused on selected resources with varying depth of treatment in books, articles, websites, blogs, short videos, and organizations.  The annotations in this document are summaries of our research into these titles or are direct quotes from publisher websites. 

The need for this guide was determined by the SEAALL Executive Board, led by President Shamika Dalton, in response to the Spring 2020 international protests for justice and equality, and ongoing conversations of diversity, implicit bias, and inclusion in law librarianship.  The massive public outcry over police brutality and systemic racism united people from all walks of life with one voice to uphold the moral compass and value of the lives of countless black people who died at the hands of police and white supremacists, such as George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks, just to name a few. 

SEAALL’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee was charged with developing this guide as a resource for SEAALL members that will expand to cover other topics of diversity and inclusion in the future.  It was completed in July 2020 with oversight by Richelle Reid (SEAALL’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair, 2021 and Assistant Law Library Director at NC Central University School of Law Library) and Victoria Capatosto (SEAALL member and Howard University School of Law Librarian), and major contributions by Ian Reinl (LIS graduate student at the University of Washington’s iSchool and Howard University School of Law Library intern), and John Miller (LIS graduate student at the University of Washington’s Law Librarianship program and Howard University School of Law Library intern).

SEAALL’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee welcomes your insights and contributions to this evolving collection of resources.  The committee is developing new topic areas for future updates to this webpage and will continue to supplement existing topic areas as new information becomes available.  Please feel free to contact Richelle Reid (SEAALL’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair, 2021) with content suggestions or comments at rreid24@NCCU.EDU

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