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  • Charge
    • Maintains archives of chapter activity.
  • Responsibilities
    • Maintains in an organized fashion the records of all chapter activities.
    • Provides research assistance to officers, committee chairs or other chapter members seeking information about previous chapter practices.
    • Solicits contributions of member files related to chapter activities for addition to the archives
    • Identifies and seeks to fill gaps in the collection’s holdings.
    • Reminds committee chairs of their responsibility to forward older files to the archives.
  • Archival Procedures
    • Physical archives of SEAALL documents in print format are located at the University of Richmond Law Library.
    • Digital archives of SEAALL documents are maintained online in the institutional repository of the University of Kentucky Law Library.

Handbook Editor

  • Charge
    • Maintains the Chapter Handbook and Procedure Manual.
  • Responsibilities
    • Revises the handbook annually.
    • Monitors the Southeastern Law Librarian and other SEAALL communications for potential handbook revisions.
    • Notifies all officers and committee chairs and individuals of the deadline for handbook revisions.
    • Provides drafts of all handbook modifications to those who have suggested changes and to other affected positions.
    • Drafts of all handbook modifications are reviewed by the President and Vice- President/President-Elect.

Registered Agent

  • Charge
    • Houses and maintains the Chapter's Minute Book.
  • Responsibilities
    • The Chapter's Registered Agent must be a resident of the State of Florida and serves as such for a minimum of three years.
    • The Registered Agent is responsible for housing and maintaining the Chapter's Minute Book.
    • The Minute Book should include:
      • Copies of the minutes of the Chapter's Executive Board Meetings from the Secretary.
      • Copies of the minutes from the Chapter's Business Meetings from the Secretary.
      • Copies of the Chapter's annual corporate report prepared by the Registered Agent.
      • Copies of the Chapter's annual budget prepared by the Treasurer.
      • Copies of the Chapter's income tax return from the Treasurer.
    • Should the appropriate officer not provide copies of the above listed reports, the Registered Agent should request them from the officer
  • Corporate Information
    • SEAALL is a section 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association under federal income tax laws.
    • The Chapter is incorporated in the state of Florida.
    • A chapter member who is resident in the state of Florida serves as Registered Agent for the chapter.
    • The Chapter's Employer Identification Number is: 5-8-1592266
    • The Chapter's accounting period (fiscal year) ends March 31.
  • Corporate Reports
    • A report is required annually by the Florida Secretary of State.
    • The report is prepared by the Chapter's Registered Agent and sent to the Treasurer.
    • The Treasurer pays the corporation filing fee as required by the state of Florida and mails the report, providing a copy of the signed report to the Registered Agent.
  • Income Tax Reports
    • The Chapter is incorporated as a non-profit corporation and is not required to file a federal or state income tax return unless gross receipts exceed $25,000 per year.
    • The Treasurer provides a copy of the chapter’s Florida and Federal income tax returns to the Registered Agent.

Website Coordinator(s)

  • Charge
    • Creates, modifies, and maintains the SEAALL website.
    • The purpose of the SEAALL website is to provide information to SEAALL members.
  • Responsibilities
    • Website Content
      • Creating and monitoring substantive content is the responsibility of the respective officer/committee chair or their designee.
      • Implementing the changes or updates to the substantive content within a reasonable time frame is the responsibility of the Website Coordinator(s).
      • By August 31, the Website Coordinator(s) will create an archive version of the Annual Meeting website and copy it to the SEAALL website. The Website Coordinator(s) will notify the Local Arrangements Chair when this task has been completed and the live website can be deleted.
    • Website Modification
      • Assesses the current SEAALL website and determines the need to revise the design or information architecture.
      • Decisions significantly affecting the design, aesthetic, and functional presentation of the SEAALL website are determined by the Website Coordinator(s) in consultation with the SEAALL President and Executive Board.
    • Website Maintenance
      • SEAALL website server hosting decisions are the responsibility of the Webmaster in consultation with the SEAALL President and Executive Board.
      • Continuing operation and accessibility of the SEAALL website is the responsibility of the Website Coordinator(s).
      • Repairing the SEAALL website within a reasonable time frame is the responsibility of the Website Coordinator(s).

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