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SEAALL 2021 Annual Meeting

The SEAALL Annual Meeting is almost here. While there is no registration fee we ask that everyone who wants to attend register for the conference. Please go to to register.

We have an excellent mix of programs this year from a great selection of SEAALL members and a few non-members. The program grid is shown below and a handout including program descriptions can be downloaded here.

The meeting will be held entirely on ZOOM this year from Wednesday, March 17 to Friday, March 19 and there will be no registration fee. Registered attendees will receive links to the programs via email on Tuesday, March 16.

Nearly all of the sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend in person. More information about recordings will be provided.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to seeing you virtually very soon.

All times are Eastern

Date   Session 1  Session 2
Wednesday, March 17, 10 AM Keynote: Tamara King, Richland County Public Library  
Wednesday, March 17, 11 AM A1 - Who’s the Boss? Who Should Lead Diversity Initiatives and How Can We Contribute to Their Success?  
Wednesday, March 17,  Noon B1 - Law Librarians are Tech Experts: Whether We Know It or Not B2 - Library as Anchor: Leveraging Expertise to Promote a Safe and Stable Space During Evolving and Unpredictable Times
Wednesday, March 17, 1 PM

C1a - Ted Talk

Law Firm Librarians adjusting to an increase in remote work before, during, and after Covid C1b - Ted Talk

Covid-19 Impact on Resource Sharing: Temporary and Long-Term Effects

C2 - Making Meetings Matter
Thursday, March 18, Noon D1 - Combating COVID-19: Addressing Inequality and Access to Justice During a Global Pandemic  
Thursday, March 18, 1 PM E1 - Helping Students Focus in a World on Fire: Using the Science of Keeping Attention to Improve Our Teaching in a Distracting Year E2 - Scratching the Repository Itch: Establishing an Institutional Repository from Scratch
Thursday, March 18, 2 PM F1 - Integrating Diversity into Legal Research Instruction in the COVID Era: Tips and Techniques for Class Management F2 - Cabin Fever, Much? (finding purpose in a global pandemic)
Thursday, March 18, 3 PM G1 - Holistic Learning: Accessibility and Inclusion in Distance Education G2 - Navigating Covid-19 as a New Director
Friday, March 19,  10 AM H1 – The Moth SEAALL Leadership Edition: Unleash the Power of Storytelling  
 Friday, March 19,  11 AM I1 - Advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Who Should Take the Lead? I2 - Dapper Design: Using Infographics for Library Marketing & Institutional Data
Friday, March 19,  Noon J1 - Breaking Through Public Speaking Fears (Even After Failure!) J2 - Pacing and Performance: A Discussion of Time in the Legal Research Classroom
Friday, March 19,  1 PM

K1a - Ted Talk

Our View from the Cupholder: the ‘Frenemy’ Approach to Collaborative Instruction

K1b - Ted Talk

Bringing Equity to Bar Prep

K2 - Rumbling with Vulnerability: Round Robin Exercises based on BrenĂ© Brown's Dare to Lead

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