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SEAALL Leadership

Officers 2022-2023


Donna L. Nixon

Clinical Professor of Law & Electronic Resources Librarian

University of North Carolina as Chapel Hill School of Law

4034 Van Hecke-Wettach Hall

160 Ridge Road, CB #3380

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3380

Phone: 919.843.9280

Email: dnixon AT email DOT unc DOT edu

Vice-President / President Elect

Beau Steenken

Instructional Services Librarian & Professor of Legal Research

University of Kentucky College of Law

620 S. Limestone

Lexington, KY 40506

Phone: 859.257.1578

Email: beau DOT steenken AT uky DOT edu


Clanitra Stewart Nejdl

Research Services Librarian & Head of Professional Development, Law Library Lecturer in Law

Vanderbilt Law School

210 Law Building

131 21st Ave. S.

Nashville, TN 37203-1181

Phone: 615.343.5902

Email: clanitra DOT s DOT nejdl AT Vanderbilt DOT Edu


Eve Ross

Reference Librarian

University of South Carolina 

1525 Senate Street

Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: 803.777.6109

Email: rossea AT law DOT sc DOT edu

Immediate Past President

Charles C.J. Pipins

Deputy Director

University of Baltimore School of Law

1420 N. Charles St.

Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: 410.837.4373

Email: cpipins AT ubalt DOT edu


Zanada Joyner

Associate Director for Collections & Information Discovery

University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

500 W. Baltimore Street

Baltimore, MD 21201-1786

Phone: 410.706.1262

Email: zjoyner AT law DOT umaryland DOT edu

Gail Mathapo

Assistant Law Librarian

Homer M. Stark Law Library, Gwinnet County

75 Langley Dr.

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Phone: 770.822.8578

Email: gail DOT mathapo AT gwinnetcounty DOT com

Committees 2022-2023


Sarah Mauldin

Digital Repository

University of Kentucky College of Law Library

Articles & Bylaws - Reviews and revises Chapter articles of incorporation as directed by the Executive Committee.

Sarah Mauldin, Chair (2023)
C.J. Pipins (2024)

Donna Nixon (2025)

Community Service - Identifies, promotes, and implements nonpolitical volunteer and community service activities. (2 year term)

Sola Babatunde, Chair (2023)

Eliza Boles (2024)

Amanda Bullington (2023)

Tara Cunningham (2023)

Will Geeslin (2024)

Shannon Roddy (2024)

Diversity & Inclusion - Identifies issues related to maximizing the diversity of SEAALL membership and promotes awareness for diversity-related activities. (2 year term)

Katie Brown, chair (2023)

Justin Huckaby (2024)

Devan Orr (2024)

Nikki Perry (2024)

Nicholas Stump (2024)

Olivia Weeks (2024)

Education & PublicationsResponsible for the development of publications for the benefit of the Chapter's members; also, responsible for developing SEAALL program proposals for the AALL annual meeting. (2 year term)

Kate Irwin-Smiler, Chair (2023)

Jane Bahnson (2023)

James Britt (2024)

Chelsey McKimmy (2023)

Clanitra Nejdl (ex ofc)

Nichelle Perry (2023)

Finance Committee

Sarah Mauldin, Chair (2024)

Aaron Glenn (2024)

Ismael Gullon (2024)

Amy Taylor (2024)

Government Relations - Monitors legislative, regulatory and judicial developments that affect SEAALL, the practice of law librarianship or the creation and dissemination of information for the states in the southeast region of the U.S. This committee keeps the membership informed by print and electronic means. (2 year term)

Mark Williams, Chair (2023)
Marin Dell (2024)

Rebecca Domm (2023)

Katelyn Golsby (2024)

Handbook Editor

Clanitra Nejdl

Vanderbilt Law School

Nashville, TN
Phone: 615-343-5902

Local Arrangements - Richmond, VA 2023

Joyce Janto, Chair (2023)

Sam Cabo (2023)

Andrew Frank (2023)

Alex Hutchings (2023)

Molly Lentz-Meyer (2023)

Mei Kiu Lo (2023)

Roger V. Skalbeck (2023)

Membership - Promotes chapter membership and vitality within the region, maintains and distributes a biannual membership directory and coordinates activities for new members, retiring members and the organization. (2 year term)

Stephanie Miller, chair (2023)

Jennifer Dubetz (2023)

Terrance Manion (2024)

Savanna Nolan (2022)

Kayla Reed (2024)

Amy Taylor (2023)

Newsletter & Public Relations - Responsible for the publication of the Southeastern Law Librarian four times a year. (2 year term)

Deborah Turkewitz, Chair (2023)

Aimee Pittman, Co-Chair (2024)
Cynthia Barnes (2024)

Ellie Campbell (2023)

Marisa Henthorn (2024)

Kat Klepfer (ex officio)

Sibyl Marshall (2023)

Matthew Neely (2024)

Fran Norton (2024)
Kayla Reed (2022)

Nominations - Prepares the annual slate of candidates for chapter offices.

Billie Jo Kaufman, Chair (2023)

Andrew Christensen (2023)

Trina Holloway (2023)

Emily McCutcheon (2023)

Melissa Strickland (2023)

Placement - Communicates the availability of new positions in the southeast; also, responds to potential employers with information about SEAALL members who are interested in new employment opportunities. (2 year term)

Rebekah Maxwell, Chair (2023)
Marie Hamm (2023)

Kathleen McLeod (2023)

Program - Plans and implements the educational program for the chapter's annual meeting.

Donna Nixon, Chair (2023)

Lorelle Anderson (2023)
Katelyn Golsby (2023)

Caroline Osborne (2023)

Richelle Reid (2023)

Ana Toft-Nielsen (2023)

Scholarship - Publicizes, manages and awards the annual Lucille Elliott scholarships. (2 year term)

Heather J.E. Simmons, Chair (2024)

Shamika Dalton (2024)

Alex Hutchings (2024)

Maureen Moran (2023)

Laura Scott (2023)

Itunu Sofidiya (2023)

Service to SEAALL - Charged with receiving nominations, selecting candidates and giving an award to the chapter member who has made special, significant and sustained contributions to the Chapter. The committee is composed of the Immediate Past President and the two immediately previous award winners. Candidate must have: given special service to the chapter; a sustained record of service to the chapter; been a chapter member for at least five years. Current and immediate past officers are not eligible.

Sarah Mauldin, chair  2023

Kris Niedringhaus (2023)

Richelle L. Reid (2023)

Service to SEAALL: Past Recipients

Website Coordinator

Kat Klepfer

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