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SEAALL Leadership

Officers 2019-2020


Louis Rosen
Reference Librarian & Associate Professor of Law Library
Barry University School of Law
Euliano Law Library

6441 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32807

Phone: 321.206.5729
E-mail: lrosen AT barry DOT edu

Vice-President / President Elect

Shamika Dalton
Associate Director and Associate Professor in the Law Library
University of Tennessee College of Law
Joel A. Katz Law Library
1505 West Cumberland Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37996
Phone: 865.974.6728
E-mail: sdalto12 AT utk DOT edu


Kat Klepfer
Research & Access Services Librarian
Florida State University College of Law
425 W. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1601
Phone: (850) 644-7486
E-mail: kklepfer AT law DOT fsu DOT edu


Cas Laskowski
Reference Librarian & Lecturing Fellow
Duke Law
Goodson Law Library
210 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 613-7120
E-mail: cml91 AT duke DOT edu

Immediate Past President

Kristina L. Niedringhaus
Assoc Dean for Library & Information Services and Professor
Georgia State University College of Law Library
PO Box 4008
Atlanta, GA 30302-5077
Phone: (404) 413-9140
Fax: (404) 413-9144
E-mail: krisn AT gsu DOT edu


Suzanne Corriell
Circuit Librarian
U.S. Court of Appeals
1100 E. Main St.
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 916-2322
E-mail: suzanne_corriell AT ca4 DOT uscourts DOT gov

Leslie Street
Director of the Wolf Law Library and Clinical Professor of Legal Research
William & Mary Law School
Wolf Law Library
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795
Phone: 757.221.3252
 lstreet AT wm DOT edu

Committees 2019-2020


Sarah Mauldin: smauldin AT sgrlaw DOT com

Digital Repository

University of Kentucky College of Law Library

Articles & Bylaws - Reviews and revises Chapter articles of incorporation as directed by the Executive Committee.

Kristina Niedringhaus, Chair (2020): krisn AT gsu DOT edu 
Louis Rosen (2021)
Shamika Dalton (2022)

Community Service - Identifies, promotes, and implements nonpolitical volunteer and community service activities. (2 year term)

Jennifer Mart-Rice, Chair (2020): martricej AT wlu DOT edu
Anne Burnett (2020)
Terrye Conroy (2020)
Sarah Dunaway (2021)
Phebe Huderson-Poydras (2020)
Rebekah Maxwell (2020)
Kayla Reed (2020)
Olivia Weeks (2020)

Diversity & Inclusion - Identifies issues related to maximizing the diversity of SEAALL membership and promotes awareness for diversity-related activities. (2 year term)

Tarica LaBossiere, Chair (2020): tlabossier AT nova DOT edu

Jonathan Beeker (2021)

Abby Deese (2020)

Rachel Gordon (2020)

Sarah Lewis (2021)

Nichelle Perry (2020)

Richelle Reid (2020)

Itunu Sofidiya (2021)

Education & PublicationsResponsible for the development of publications for the benefit of the Chapter's members; also, responsible for developing SEAALL program proposals for the AALL annual meeting. (2 year term)

Melissa Strickland, Chair (2020): mstrickland1 AT lsu DOT edu

Rachel Evans (Handbook Editor): rsevans AT uga DOT edu

Cas Laskowski (2020)

Adam Masarek (2020)

Kathleen McLeod (2020)

Wendy Moore (2021)
Patrick Parsons (2020)

Nathan Preuss (2021)

Linda Sobey (2020)

Amy Taylor (2021)

Government Relations - Monitors legislative, regulatory and judicial developments that affect SEAALL, the practice of law librarianship or the creation and dissemination of information for the states in the southeast region of the U.S. This committee keeps the membership informed by print and electronic means. (2 year term)

Wickliffe Shreve, Chair (2020): wickliffe.shreve AT law DOT duke DOT edu 
Jane Bahnson (2020)
Sharon Bradley (2021)
Rebecca Domm (2020)
Justin Huckaby (2020)
Pamela Lucken (2020)

Handbook Editor

Rachel Evans
University of Georgia School of Law
Athens, GA 30602
Phone: (706) 542-9407
rsevans AT uga DOT edu

Local Arrangements - Jackson, MS 2020

Stephen Parks, Chair: sparks AT courts DOT ms DOT gov
Allison Fentress
Catie Hester
Justin Huckaby
Judy McClendon
Daniel Shemwell

Local Arrangements - Columbia, SC 2021

Eve Ross, Co-Chair: rossea AT law DOT sc DOT edu
Candle Wester, Co-Chair: westercm AT law DOT sc DOT edu
Melanie DuBard
Gillian Kistler

Membership - Promotes chapter membership and vitality within the region, maintains and distributes a biannual membership directory and coordinates activities for new members, retiring members and the organization. (2 year term)

Carol Collins, Chair (2020): ccollin1 AT utk DOT edu
Justin Huckaby (2020)
Tiffany Camp Johnson (2020)
Gail Mathapo (2020)
Matthew Neely (2021)
Ana Toft-Nielsen (2021)

Newsletter & Public Relations - Responsible for the publication of the Southeastern Law Librarian four times a year. (2 year term)

Katie Brown, Co-Chair (2020): kbrown AT charlestonlaw DOT edu
Becka Rich, Co-Chair (2020): becka.rich AT drexel DOT edu
Wanda Barrett (2021)
Adrienne DeWitt (2020)
Cassandra Patterson (2020)
Charles Perkins (2020)
Eve Ross (2021)
Deborah Turkewitz (2021)
Billie J. Blaine, Newsletter Editor (ex officio)
Tina Brooks, Website Coordinator (ex officio)

Nominations - Prepares the annual slate of candidates for chapter offices.

Rachel Gordon, Chair (2020): gordon AT law DOT duke DOT edu
Ismael Gullon (2020)
Marie Hamm (2020)
Zanada Joyner (2020)
Avery Le (2020)

Placement - Communicates the availability of new positions in the southeast; also, responds to potential employers with information about SEAALL members who are interested in new employment opportunities. (2 year term)

Savanna Nolan, Chair (2020): sn647 AT georgetown DOT edu
Lorelle Anderson (2021)
Allison Fentress (2021)
Kathleen McLeod (2020)
Gigi Panagotacos (2021)
Alison Rosenberg (2020)
Candle Wester (2020)

Professional Development & Support Special Task Force - Provides guidance, assistance and opportunities for professional engagement and development. The committee will develop strategies for increased engagement in SEAALL, AALL, or the profession through activities such as legal scholarship, professional writing, program proposals, committee work, and leadership activities. These opportunities will be marketed to the SEAALL membership and committee members may provide individualized guidance for members who wish to take advantage of these opportunities.

Alyson Drake, Co-Chair (2020): alyson.drake AT ttu DOT edu

Alison Rosenberg, Co-Chair (2020): ar959 AT nova DOT edu

Christina Glon (2020)

Audrey Lynn (2020)

Sarah Mauldin (2020)

Emily McCutcheon (2020)

Program - Plans and implements the educational program for the chapter's annual meeting.

Shamika Dalton, Chair (2020): sdalto12 AT utk DOT edu
Rob Beharriell (2020)
Seth Brostoff (2020)
Alyson Drake (2020)
Eliza Fink (2020)
Cassandra Patterson (2020)
Franklin Runge (2020)
Gordon Russell (2020)

Scholarship - Publicizes, manages and awards the annual Lucille Elliott scholarships. (2 year term)

Laura Scott, Chair (2020): scott AT law DOT duke DOT edu
Bret Christensen (2021)
Susan deMaine (2020)
Maureen Eggert (2020)
Joyce Manna Janto (2020)
Amy Lipford (2021)
Taryn Marks (2020)
Michelle Murray (2020)
Austin Williams (2021)

Service to SEAALL - Charged with receiving nominations, selecting candidates and giving an award to the chapter member who has made special, significant and sustained contributions to the Chapter. The committee is composed of the Immediate Past President and the two immediately previous award winners. Candidate must have: given special service to the chapter; a sustained record of service to the chapter; been a chapter member for at least five years. Current and immediate past officers are not eligible.

Fran Norton, Chair (2020): fnorton AT lasc DOT org
Kristina Niedringhaus (2020)
Paul Birch (2021)

Service to SEAALL: Past Recipients

Website Coordinator

Tina Brooks: tina.brooks AT uky DOT edu

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