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Articles and Bylaws Committee

  • Charge
    • Reviews and revises Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws as directed by the Executive Board, suggested by chapter members, or as needed.
  • Composition
    • Immediate Past President, the President and the Vice-President/President-Elect.
    • Chaired by the Immediate Past President.
  • Responsibilities
    • Reviews Articles and Bylaws for any needed changes.
    • Drafts appropriate revision language and submits to Executive Board for approval.
    • Submits text and explanatory materials to Secretary for publicizing to membership
    • Prepares a final annual report.
  • Timing of Committee Activities
    • Membership must be notified of proposed changes 30 days before balloting, either by publication in the newsletter and/or via email.

Community Service Committee

  • Charge
    • Identifies and promotes opportunities for SEAALL members to donate money, goods, or engage in various projects that are designed to serve the local community where the SEAALL conference is being held.
    • Strives to make a significant and positive contribution to the local community on behalf of SEAALL.
  • Responsibilities
    • Works with the Local Arrangements Committee to identify community service opportunities for SEAALL members in the community where the SEAALL conference is being held.
    • Selects two possible community service projects to forward to the Executive Board for approval and final selection.
    • Coordinates with community service representative from selected project to determine project need and project implementation.
    • Communicates and markets project to SEAALL members.

    Diversity and Inclusion Committee

    • Charge
      • Identify issues related to maximizing the diversity of SEAALL membership.
      • Promote awareness for diversity-related activities.
    • Responsibilities
      • Propose a diversity-related program at the annual SEAALL meeting.
      • Publish a diversity-related article in the Southeastern Law Librarian annually or more often if needed.
      • Inform the SEAALL membership of diversity-related issues as needed.

Education/Publications Committee

  • Charge
    • Develops publications and resources of benefit to the membership of the chapter.
    • Coordinates SEAALL program proposals for the AALL Annual Meeting.
  • Responsibilities
    • Coordinates program proposals for the AALL annual meeting based upon SEAALL program.
    • Develops publications of benefit to the membership as needed.
    • Disseminates information on meetings, programs, speakers and materials from the smaller AALL chapters within SEAALL's geographic area.
    • Works with the SEAALL webmaster to create and update web-based publications.

Government Relations Committee

  • Committee Charge
    • Monitors the legislative, regulatory and judicial developments that affect SEAALL, the practice of law librarianship or the creation and dissemination of legal information in the Southeastern states.
    • In collaboration with AALL’s policy committees, informs the SEAALL membership about these issues.
    • Drafts proposed resolutions, position papers and letters.
    • Coordinates lobbying efforts upon approval by the Executive Board.
    • Coordinates educational activities such as workshops or program proposals.
  • Responsibilities
    • Monitors legislative, judicial and regulatory developments in Southeastern states
    • Develops and regularly updates a SEAALL Government Relations Policy.
    • Publishes a regular article in the Southeastern Law Librarian.
    • Publicizes relevant information via listserv.
    • Develops educational resources describing effective methods for communicating with state officials.
    • Develops a resource guide of contacts with legislative expertise for the Southeastern states
    • Drafts letters to elected and appointed officials.
    • Proposes educational programs for SEAALL and AALL.Prepares an annual report.
    • Works to encourage adoption of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA) by states in the SEAALL region.

Membership Committee

  • Committee Charge
    • Promotes chapter membership and vitality within the Southeastern region.
    • Coordinates activities which spotlight new members, retiring members and the organization.
  • Responsibilities
    • Solicit New Members.
    • Sends membership information to potential members.
    • Distributes copies of membership brochure when appropriate or requested.
    • Organizes chapter table for CONELL and Activities/Poster Area at AALL annual meeting. This should be completed by July 1, and the Membership Chair should coordinate and complete the appropriate request forms with AALL.
      • The Membership Committee should also maintain the SEAALL poster for AALL events. The poster should be the responsibility of the Membership Chair.
  • Welcome New Members
    • Most new members are added as institutional members during the annual dues paying process. This list should be produced by the Treasurer and sent to the Membership Chair on Sept. 1 and March 1.
    • Committee will receive from the Treasurer a copy of any dues notices that indicate a new member.
    • The committee will send a new member a welcome letter that will:
      • Provide information about upcoming chapter events, e.g. next annual chapter meeting, next annual business meeting.
      • Provide information about available scholarships and grants.
      • Solicit biographical information for "SEAALL Briefs" column in Southeastern Law Librarian.
      • Include information on when to expect the next issue of the Southeastern Law Librarian.
  • SEAALL Membership Brochure
    • Updates as needed.  Prior versions of the brochure are archived in the University of Kentucky Law Library’s repository. A digital copy is available.
  • Member Maintenance
    • Recognition of retiring members.
      • Letters of recognition.
      • Recognition by President during annual chapter meeting.
    • Recognition of deceased members.
    • Announcement of retiring and deceased members in Southeastern Law Librarian.
    • Forwards names to AALL Executive Director, if also an AALL member.
  • Membership Retention
    • Committee will receive a list of non-renewing members from Treasurer.
    • Membership invoices are sent annually in May or June. Typically, dues are payable on July 1 and are received through July and August. The Treasurer should run a report on unpaid invoices on Sept. 1 and send that list to the Membership Committee Chair to follow-up with institutions. If member institutions have cancelled their institutional membership, the Chair/Committee should follow-up with those individuals who lost membership individually to recruit. When new members join, the Treasurer alerts the Membership Committee Chair so that the committee may send a welcome letter to the new member.
    • Coordinates campaign to encourage non-renewing members to renew.
  • Life Members
    • Solicits nominations for life memberships by May 15
      • Nominations must include biographical data and significant contributions to the chapter.
    • Forwards names of nominees to Executive Board for approval.

    Newsletter/Public Relations Committee

    • Committee Charge
      • Publishes the Southeastern Law Librarian four times per year.
      • The newsletter includes information of interest to members, such as committee reports, reports of the activities of members and articles related to the work of members.
      • Informs the legal and library communities, and other pertinent audiences, about law libraries and law librarianship, particularly the activities of the chapter and its members.
      • Maintains social media apps/pages.
    • Schedule
      • Issues per year are produced, approximately quarterly, with the schedule adjusted as needed to respond to the needs of the chapter.
      • An additional Special Election issue is produced once a year.
      • If it is necessary to deviate from the standard schedule, the Newsletter Editor will alert the Executive Board, all committee chairs and the membership as soon as possible.
      • Content
        All issues include the following sections:
        • "From the President"
        • "Editor's Notes
        • Listing of current officers
        • Quarterly Financial Statement
      • Specific issues may include the following sections:

        • Committee memberships
        • Announcements about annual chapter business meeting and reception during AALL
        • Minutes of chapter business meetings
        • Reports written by Elliott Scholarship winners
        • Announcement of Service to SEAALL Award winner
        • Dues reminder
        • Application for Lucile Elliott Scholarship
        • Solicitation of officer nominees
        • Volume index
        • Slate of candidates for upcoming election
        • Program information about annual chapter meeting
        • Solicitation of Service to SEAALL Award nominees
        • Announcement of Lucile Elliott Scholarship winners
        • Committee Volunteer form
        • Substantive articles by members
        • Proposed amendments to Articles and Bylaws
        • Annual committee reports
        • AALL announcements
        • Short biographies of>SEAALL candidates
        • Library Profiles
        • Reading Recommendations
        • Featured Members
        • Additional sections the Editor believes would be of interest to the membership.
      • Distribution
        • Sent to the newsletter editors of other AALL chapters via the CONE listserv.
        • Published electronically on the SEAALL website and available to all Internet users.
        • E-mail notification to SEAALL listserv once issue becomes available on SEAALL website.

Nominating Committee

  • Committee Charge
    • Prepares the annual slate of candidates for chapter offices.
    • Endeavors to present a balanced slate of candidates with regard to geography, type-of-library, areas of professional expertise, and personal characteristics such as gender and ethnic heritage.
    • Encourages all members to submit suggestions for well-qualified candidates.
  • Responsibilities
    • Presents two candidates for each office. The committee, in consultation with the Executive Board, may choose to present one candidate for office.
    • Solicits nominations from the membership by any available means, including newsletter notices, chapter meetings and appropriate Internet discussion lists.
    • Candidates for Vice-President/President-Elect will be presented every year.
    • Candidates for Secretary will be presented in each even-numbered year.
    • Candidates for Member at Large will be presented every year.
    • Candidates for Treasurer will be presented every three years.
    • Contacts potential candidates for consent to stand for office.
    • Nominations (including self-nominations) are due to the committee by October 15.
    • Current members of the Nominations committee are ineligible to run for office.
    • The completed slate will be presented to the Executive Board for approval by November 1 and announced to the membership by December 1.
    • Solicits candidates’ biographical information and candidate statement to be sent to the Secretary and Newsletter editor.
    • Maintains lists of potential candidates for use by future Nominating Committees.
    • Encourages participation in the election process.
    • Maintains lists of all previous candidates for office

Placement Committee

  • Committee Charge
    • Assists chapter members searching for new positions by communicating the availability of open positions.
    • Serves as a liaison between SEAALL members and prospective employers at the request of a SEAALL member.
    • Communicates job postings with the Newsletter committee so that these announcements may be publicized through the SEAALL Twitter account.
  • Responsibilities
    • Serves as a clearinghouse for librarians seeking new positions and employers seeking to fill positions by facilitating communication regarding open positions.
    • Placement services may be advertised through various means, including newsletter notices, listservs, and on the SEAALL website.
    • Monitors listservs for information about open positions.
    • Maintains the “Current Opportunities” page of the SEAALL website by collecting pdfs of position announcements and sending them to the Website Coordinator(s) to post.  It may be preferable to populate the list using hyperlinks in lieu of posting PDFs.
    • Communicates with Website Coordinator(s) bimonthly to remove closed positions.

Program Committee

  • Committee Charge
    • Design, plan, and implement educational programming for the chapter.
  • Responsibilities
    • In conjunction with the Local Arrangements Committee and the President, determines the registration fee for the meeting.
    • In conjunction with Local Arrangements Committee, applies for AALL CPE Grant.
    • Identifies programming topics, speakers and moderators.
    • Works closely with the Local Arrangements Committee and hotel/facilities personnel to implement the educational program.
      • The number of program slots and speakers may be dependent upon the facilities available and budget. A variety of programming methods should be used whenever possible.
      • Committee members serve as program coordinators.
    • Creates, distributes, and collects program evaluations.
      • When possible, the Chair will share with next year’s Local Arrangements and Program Committee Chairs the evaluations to help inform planning for next year’s meeting.
    • Reimbursement
      • Only non-member speakers may be reimbursed for expenses. No chapter member or vendor speaker will be reimbursed.
      • Reimbursement, if the budget allows, will be limited to transportation (including mileage from home to airport), meals not provided as a part of the annual meeting at a per diem rate of $50 per day, and no more than $25 for any one meal will be reimbursed.
      • The payment of honoraria is discouraged.
      • Expenses for spouses or children of non-member speakers will not be reimbursed.
    • Provides the names and arrival dates of the non-member speakers to the Local Arrangements Committee in order to have rooms reserved for the speakers.
    • Collects speakers’ biographical and program information and conveys that information to the Local Arrangements committee.
    • Annual Institute preceding the annual chapter meeting.
      • Identifies a theme and speaker(s).
      • Works closely with the Local Arrangements Committee and hotel/facilities personnel to implement the Institute.
      • Reimbursement policy for the Institute parallels that for the annual chapter meeting
      • Registration for the Institute is separate from the annual meeting registration fee.
      • Institute income should equal or exceed institute expenses.
    • Meetings
      • The committee is encouraged to meet during the annual chapter meeting, to conduct committee business via email and to hold conference calls as needed.
      • Minutes should be recorded for each conference call and meeting.
      • If significant committee business occurs via email, copies of significant messages should be maintained.

Scholarship Committee - see Types of Scholarships and Grants

  • Committee Charge
    • Publicizes, manages, and awards the annual Lucile Elliott Scholarships, AALL Annual Meeting Registration Grant, CONELL Grant, Student Scholarship, and other scholarships as established by the SEAALL Executive Board.
  • Committee Responsibilities
    • Coordinates budget for scholarship funding with President and Executive Board.
    • Establishes scholarship application deadlines based on the timelines provided in the Chapter calendar.
    • Publicizes scholarship opportunities.
    • Verifies that all applicants are chapter members in good standing.
    • Notifies recipients and confirms service activity.
  • Scholarship Eligibility
    • All applicants except for Student Scholarship applicants must be a paid member of SEAALL at the time the application is completed.
    • Associate members are not eligible for SEAALL scholarships.
    • Scholarship Committee members are ineligible to receive scholarships or grants during their tenure on the Committee.
    • Applicants who have received a SEAALL scholarship or grant within the previous three years are ineligible to receive a scholarship or grant.
    • Acceptance of incomplete or late applications will be determined by the Committee on a case-by-case basis.

Service to SEAALL Committee

  • Committee Charge
    • Receives nominations, selects candidates and presents an award to the chapter member who has made special, significant and sustained contributions to the chapter.
  • Responsibilities
    • Solicits and compiles information about potential award candidates.
    • Criteria are:
      • Candidate must have given special service to the chapter.
      • Candidate must have a sustained record of service to the chapter.
      • Candidate must have been a chapter member for at least five years.
      • Current and immediate past officers are not eligible.
  • Committee Procedures
    • The award does not have to be presented every year.
    • Service to SEAALL award is generally presented at the SEAALL Annual Meeting’s business meeting.   
    • If the award recipient is unable to attend the SEAALL Annual Meeting, presentation of the award may be postponed until the SEAALL Business Meeting and Reception at AALL’s Annual Meeting.
    • Committee Chair orders the award plaque and obtains reimbursement from SEAALL.

Language of Award Plaque

Example 1:



name here




design here




Example 2:





design here


  • In recent years we have ordered the plaque from Awards Atlanta, 1824 Briarwood Court, Suite 1, Atlanta, GA 30329, phone (404) 634-5009, fax (404) 634-5003, They have the SEAALL logo on file. The plaque is identified as SP143-6 – 10.5 X 13 High Gloss Mahogany Finish Plaque, Single Black Plate, Laser Engrave Gold. SEAALL is assigned customer number 181. Typical cost is $66.50 for the plaque, $4.66 sales tax if delivered in Georgia, and $20.50 shipping if necessary.

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