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  • This Handbook is intended to provide SEAALL officers, committee chairs, and members an overview of the Chapter's operations. The Handbook should assist members assuming leadership positions to commence their work with information regarding the functions, duties, and responsibilities of each position as well as the practices of prior officers and committee chairs. The Handbook will also help to clarify instances of overlapping and intersecting responsibility, and to provide an idea of how the work one does may affect or be affected by the work of others.
  • The Handbook is not intended to create unbending rules of procedure or to stifle creativity. Hopefully, the Handbook will provide an outline of past practices to serve as a starting point. The vitality of any organization requires initiative and imagination.
  • Handbook Editor

General Chapter Information

Chapter Year

  • The chapter membership year is July 1 - June 30.

Corporate and Financial Information

  • SEAALL is a section 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association under federal income tax laws.
  • The Chapter is incorporated in the state of South Carolina.
  • The Chapter's Employer Identification Number is: 58-1592266.
  • The Chapter's fiscal year ends March 31.

Corporate Reports

  • A report is required annually by the Florida Secretary of State.
  • The report is prepared by the Chapter's Registered Agent and sent to the Treasurer.
  • The Treasurer pays the corporation filing fee as required by the state of Florida and mails the report, providing a copy of the signed report to the Registered Agent.

Income Tax Reports

  • The chapter is incorporated as a non-profit corporation and is not required to file a federal or state income tax return unless gross receipts exceed $25,000 per year.

Chapter Web Page

  • Chapter web page is hosted at

Chapter Twitter

  • @SEAALL1

Chapter Listserv

Chapter Records

  • After assuming office, each new officer and committee chair shall receive 3 years of relevant documents such as meeting minutes, budgets and annual reports from their predecessor. Outgoing officers and committee chairs shall send documents older than 3 years to Archives.

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