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Suggested Calendar

Two (or more) years before Annual Chapter Meeting:

  • Prepare preliminary Annual Meeting and institute budget in conjunction with President and Local Arrangements Committee.
  • By April - Choose and book hotel space.

Year preceding the Annual Chapter Meeting


  • Investigate options and costs for opening reception and Friday night social event.   Special event spaces book significantly in advance.  Plan and book as far in advance as practical.
  • Investigate caterers.
  • Develop preliminary general program theme in consultation with President and Local Arrangements Chair.


  • Chair attends annual chapter business meeting and publicizes SEAALL Annual Meeting.


  • Block out program and preliminary schedule for activities in conjunction with President and Program committee.
  • Consult with President regarding corporate sponsors for meals, breaks, events if necessary.


  • Book the transportation (if needed) for Opening Reception and other social events.
  • Solicit exhibitors and sponsors.


  • Make final caterer selection.
  • Continue to solicit exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Choose registration software.


  • Contact local law libraries regarding their interest in being included on tours.
  • Receive preliminary program copy from Program Committee.
  • Create preliminary Annual Meeting Website but do not go live.
  • Continue to solicit exhibitors & sponsors.


  • Confirm caterer(s).
  • Follow-up with vendors about exhibiting via mail or phone.


  • Finalize schedule for institute, Executive Board, local law libraries tours, programs, coffee breaks, meals and other events.
  • Launch and publicize Annual Meeting Website including registration form, preliminary program, local restaurant recommendations, and transportation options.
  • Select community service partner and communicate information to the Community Service Committee.
  • Order tote bags.


  • Expense/revenue reports due to the President one month prior to the annual chapter meeting.
  • Send acknowledgment to Exhibitors, include hotel shipping address and confirm needs for Exhibit area (tables, a/v, etc.).
  • Forward checks to Treasurer weekly for deposit.
  • Make hotel reservations for AALL Chapter Visitor and guest speakers.
  • Acquire registration supplies (name badges, folders, etc.).


  • When processing registrations, track first time attendees, vegetarian meal requests, extra meal and/or event ticket purchases, institute registrations.
  • Determine room assignments for programs. Prepare final program.
  • Prepare any signs not being taken care of by the conference facility.
  • Prepare schedule for registration desk and recruit volunteers.
  • Contact exhibitors/sponsors regarding attendees’ names, prepare badges.
  • Begin preparation of registrant name badges.
  • Choose menus for opening reception food and drink, Annual Meeting meals, and Annual Meeting breaks.

One week before Annual Meeting

  • Complete registrant name badges.
  • Prepare a list of registrants and list of exhibitors.
  • Give caterer(s) final head counts for meals, including vegetarian requests.
  • Prepare written instructions for Registration Desk volunteers.
  • Stuff registration packets.

After Annual Meeting

  • Review invoices from hotel and other service providers; forward to Treasurer.
  • Prepare financial statement including income, expenses and profit or loss; send to President.
  • Write annual report for Committee; send to President.
  • Review meeting evaluations by attendees; incorporate any recommendations into annual report.

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